UPDATE - 7 Jan 2020: To put things smugly, it is great to have "2020 hindsight" so exactly 2 years after giving birth to SLOW WEB

Welcome to the brand NEW genre of SLOW WEB, which is the just born (7 Jan 2018) sibling of the SLOW TV genre as explained below. The evidence of its potential can be established by some cursory surfing for domain names and, for example, slowweb.com is parked but is for sale at about $2,500 (100 times markup!), suggesting that a genre called "Slow Web" SHOULD exist and probably WILL.

We don't want to do such general things as pottery making (a Slow TV example) but to confine our efforts to such things as trips/tracks/journeys so we have found and grabbed slowweb.tours at just 3 times the normal .com domain price.

So in January 2018 we (at slowweb.tours) are saying it now DOES exist, but first let's see what Wiki says about Slow TV.

Having been introduced to Slow TV just 4 days ago (7 Jan 2018) in Australia by the 3 hour Ghan railway trip from Adelaide to Darwin we were a bit amazed that Wiki already mentions it, and that there was so much interest that SBS is going to follow up with a 17 hour version next Sunday (14 Jan 2018). It was also interesting to see that in the UK there was an example by the BBC via a 2 hour canalboat trip from Bath to Dundas Aqueduct in May 2015. A viewing of the trailer of this example showed that the Ghan format was almost exactly the same, right down to the "ghost figures" in B&W to describe the history.

But it seems there has been little follow up in a country (the UK) where the possibilities are endless, but could that be an indication that TV is NOT the best outlet for a Slow genre but rather it is the INTERACTIVE aspects of the Web that make Slow Web more attractive? Time will tell so let's get started on Slow Web.

But the link from Slow TV to Slow Web is that at that very time in 2015 we were doing a website (calling it an "app" for want of better) which really fits the Slow Web description down to the ground, part of it being along the same 20 mile canal route of the BBC. The background is that we were planning some river/canal trips in England and part of the adventure would be on the Tranquil Rose Hotelboat, but there were 24 possible week long Cruises from which to choose.

We were struck by the total lack of USEFUL information available on the so called "Information Super Highway" after 20 years of operation, plus in April 2015 Google announced its "Mobile Friendly or no listing" Edict that caused a frenzy in the Web Community. So we decided to make our own "thing" following the Google Guidelines/Test rather than "shoehorning" an existing wide body behemoth CSS site using RSD (which is what the Industry did). You can read about the site above at "Comparison to Slow TV".

Three years later we have a whole Portfolio of "ideas" on the Web (mainly walking tours on the UK National Trails, following Google Trekker as it slowly completes each Walk) but the best we could do genre wise was to coin the expression "Multi-App" to signify that it was a thing that worked perfectly on ALL devices and without the well know shortcomings of "Apps".

So the penny dropped even before watching the Ghan but simply from the on-screen info saying "Inspired by the highly successful concept of Slow TV .......". Indeed the "things" we called addonapp and Multi-App WERE in fact Slow Web, and all that needs to be done in many cases is to "rebadge" them.

But we are quick to note that although the word "Slow" has been well and truly "coined" (just as "app" was the Word of the Year in 2012) and must remain, there are perhaps better words like "complete", "minute by minute", "quiet" etc which might better describe Slow TV and/or Slow Web.

And the exciting aspect is that the actual FORMAT for both genres is "up for grabs" albeit Wiki does have the page above for Slow TV so that genre is perhaps more set in concrete than the just born Slow Web. Ironically the word "Slow" (in its meaning of boring and monotonous) might be better applied to the "same old, same old CSS infused glug" that is mainstream websites, with the ubiquitous cookies, targeted advertising and total disregard of Privacy Legislation, but very light on useful information (and RSD has done nothing to improve that and in many cases just REMOVED images for viewing on mobile devices, which surely must be going BACKWARDS).

Perhaps the best "definition" is via Carl Honoré's 2004 book, In Praise of Slowness, where Honoré describes the Slow Movement thus:

"It is a cultural revolution against the notion that faster is always better. The Slow philosophy is not about doing everything at a snail's pace. It's about seeking to do everything at the right speed. Savoring the hours and minutes rather than just counting them. Doing everything as well as possible, instead of as fast as possible. It’s about quality over quantity in everything from work to food to parenting."


"Here you will find no Luddite calls to overthrow technology and seek a preindustrial utopia. This is a modern revolution, championed by cell-phone using, e-mailing lovers of sanity. The Slow philosophy can be summed up in a single word -- BALANCE. People are discovering energy and efficiency where they may have been least expected -- in slowing down."

This conjures up visions of Tolkien's Ents and Blake's Jerusalem (the de-facto English National Anthem?), so please sing along to this "Slow Tube" that happens to include Bath and Blake's "dark Satanic mills" of the Industrial Revolution (or a reference to the "church system"?), and chimes in with our Slow Web App depicted above for the Cotswold Way.

.... Oooops - Youtube says video unavailable, so just hum it to yourself.

So the RIGHT speed (in Slow TV) for a canal boat is about 3 MPH and for the Ghan about 80 MPH and we will describe in the examples how this translates to Slow Web.

But this is so exciting that there is no more time available to chat about it as there is work to be done which we will report above.